Leave Your Wet Brain in the Hot Sun


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"Warmth has undergrone plastic surgery since this album was originally released as a criminally limited CDR on Belgium's best scuzz label, Audiobot. Back then Warmth was known as Roxanne Jean Polise. The name may have changed, but the sounds are still the same dense electronic forest fog that set Michigan-native Steev Thompson's music apart from most of his compatriots. "Leave Your Wet Brain in the Hot Sun" is Warmth's finest hour. It's his hypnotic, marrow-sucking opus.

"Leave Your Wet Brain in the Hot Sun" is a thick blanket of unsettling doom. The smell of death is in the air, floating in-and-out of range like a black cloud. Warmth's mixture of distorted, haunted synth loops, hijacked guitar frequenices, and various injections of dirt-soaked piano fuzz. Thompson's drones are reminiscent of Andrew Chalk and Mirror in the way they lure the listener in during the early stages with his quiet and methodic approach. They're soothing and soft, but totally misleading. Once the eyelids start to get heavy, Thompson runs you down with discordant, often abrasive, missives. He plays this dichotomy up to perfection, and shows an amazing understanding of composition and layering.

As each electronic swirl draws you in closer, like a moth to a buzzing streetlight, you get lost in this aural concrete labryinth. "Leave Your Wet Brain in the Hot Sun" will bury your mind under piles of dust. Warmth is painting the town with a gang of spectres on his back, sandblasting diseased tones through everyone's eardrums. For fans of Double Leopards, Hive Mind, and that ilk, it is only once you're destroyed that you'll be totally satisfied.

*(Includes two unreleased bonus tracks, not included on the original album)"

Released on Foxy Digitalis in the summer of 2006.


released August 15, 2006



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